I'll be honest; the last place I wanted to be last night was Club. Pretty honest confession from a missionary, right? But the awesome thing about missionaries is, we are humans, just as messed up, insecure, and selfish as anyone else. We may not tell you this in our letters, it may look like we have it all together as we smile on our prayer card, but here is the truth: we get discouraged, we are tired, and sometimes we just don't want to go!

But what happens when God convicts us of our selfishness? What happens when we chose to go? God moves. He reminds us that we were called here for a purpose. He reminds us that going allows us to be blessed, while blessing others!

Our club talk last night focused on Jesus being our hero. Now "hero" is a big word around the army. Lots of military moms and dads are certainly heroes. But what about Christ? Why would we call him a hero? This was the perfect conversation starter for military kids who don't yet know Jesus. We had the blessing of having very candid and honest talks with several students who are searching for answers. God Moved.

The story could stop there, but still God was moving. During Club we received a call from a parent whose child had attempted to take his own life. Because of the situation, "Aaron" could only have a minister in his room to visit, and Club Beyond came to his mind. Aaron had come to Club sporadically and had only been to a handful of events, but he remembered that he was loved and that he felt hope when he was there. So he asked for his Club Beyond leaders to come be with him. Ben and one of our volunteers were able to leave Club and go pray with him, talk with him, and encourage his family. God Moved.

- story courtesy YFC Military missionaries Ben & Alyson Weimar

To learn more about this vital ministry, inquire here, or contact 303.843.6770 and ask to speak with someone from the YFC Military team.

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