Excerpt from a staff newsletter...

I can’t help smiling! I could tell Kara didn’t like what I was saying…her face twisted in surprise and disbelief as I challenged the middle school audience to practice God’s “one another” commands, especially on those they don’t like. As I finished talking, this 7th grader stormed over to me contesting my “talk” with all the reasons why her sworn enemy did not deserve to be loved, cared for, supported, forgiven, etc. I asked Kara if she could at least pray for this other girl with whom she is feuding. “No, I can’t!” she said. “You don’t understand how mean she was to me. I can’t pray for her! She doesn’t deserve it!”

I can’t help smiling as I replay this event in my mind. Military kids are constantly aware of the investments they make in maintaining friendships. They have to gauge whether their investment is worth the inevitable risks when separated at their next move. So what 7th grade military dependent is going to see the value of investing in an already contentious relationship? But I smile because I know that the next week we get to share with our middle school Club about our most important relationship with Jesus. And I get to explain that He desires and seeks our friendship (John 15:14-15) even though we often act like His enemy.

I also can’t help smiling because we feel blessed to be ministering to a unique population of kids. Teens like Kara are why we work with YFC Military, and kids like Kara are why Club Beyond exists. We are here to find those military kids who are furthest away from Christ, who need help navigating through their difficult life, and to introduce them to Jesus the creator of life. So, I smile when we find them in our midst!

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