Henry is an eleventh grade boy that almost didn’t go to camp. He signed up only a few days before camp started. He got the ninth spot out of ten available. He’s been going to our weekly outreach gatherings most of 2013, but that’s been the extent of his involvement. At Lost Canyon, a summer camp in Arizona, his life was changed forever.

While at camp, Henry had the chance to go through a high ropes course for the first time ever. He and I were the last to begin the course. He was nervous and scared about what he was about to do. As he was about to take his first step up the entry ramp Henry turned to me and said, “Scott, will you pray for me?” I was surprised at his request since he’d
never shown much interest in God and I asked if he meant that he wanted me to pray for him right then and there. He said yes. I placed my hand on his shoulder and out loud asked God to give us courage to do this thing that scared us. Henry did great, but the final obstacle, a leap off of a 50-foot high platform, had him pretty scared. He turned to me again and asked for another prayer. I prayed. We shared a fist bump and then we jumped together. I was so proud of him.

A couple nights later, after the campers had just heard about what God had done through Jesus to rescue us from sin, the lights in the entire camp were turned out so that the Arizona sky looked like a dome of blackness and stars placed over the top of the earth. The campers were given 15-minutes to talk to God in private outdoors. Henry was the last boy back to the cabin for small group time. He was in tears. We asked if he had anything he wanted to share with us. He said, “I found Jesus.” We then listened to Henry recount
his story of walking through the camp, praying, looking for a private place, when he came to the beach volleyball court and couldn’t help but drop to his knees. In that moment, God did something miraculous in Henry’s heart. Henry told of feeling as though he were lost and now was found, as if he now saw something he had never seen before. He says that that day is the best day of his life because that’s the day he met Jesus. Later that evening Henry wanted to show me something outside. We walked a few minutes from the cabin to the beach volleyball court and he showed me the place where he dropped to his knees and God captured his heart. I will never forget what God did in Henry’s life that week. To found a small plastic container and took some of that sand home.

I’m so excited for Henry. He met Jesus on the 4th of July. Now, Henry will always remember the 4th of July not just as America’s birthday, but also as his own spiritual birthday, the day he met Jesus, the day that everything changed.

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