About 30 kids were packed on the volleyball court at Sonic, another couple dozen were huddled under the carport eating ice cream. Several of them we were meeting for the first time, and some of them we had only met once or twice. Liana* was one of the students we had just met the week before. 

As the night went on, we saw Liana with a small group of kids huddled around her. Through sobbing and tears she told us she had received some very difficult news. As she told us about the situation, we knew the Lord wanted us to pray for her; surrounded by a group of club kids, we knelt down on the sand and lifted Liana up to our Father. 

Liana may not know Christ yet, but she felt His power that night. She saw that we serve a God that is not confined to a building, or a list of rules. She saw that we serve a God who asks us to come as we are, even if it’s on the volleyball court at Sonic! He wants us to pray to Him because He cares for us, He loves us, and He wants to know us.

*Names of students changed for privacy, however if you would like to pray for “Liana” more specifically please email us.

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