This country has been very quick to take God out of the school system.  But keep hope.  At the Junior High, the principal allows outside preachers and youth leaders to come in before school hours start.  And because there is such a huge population of military youth, the principal specifically invited this YFC military staffer to attend 2 times a week.  There are 2 teachers who have started something they call Morning Motivations, a.k.a. M & M’s.  Prior to M&M’s, a student would get off the bus and head into the school.  Their choices to go before the bell rang were either the cafeteria or the gym.  In either place, there was lots of noise, groups of teens gossiping about other groups, and lots of the teen drama. 
Now, there is a third option.  A separate room where the teens know they are going to be greeted with a smile and get a chance to pray before the day.  So the student will enter the room, get a smile from one teacher and a high five from the other.  They head to the middle of the room where there is a book open to the day’s word.  This is an encouraging word to help them get through the day of school.  Words like; Enthusiasm, Patience, Character.  After the teens write this word in their agenda or on their hand, the guest speaker hands them a small bag of M&M’s.  After a few minutes of students entering the room, the guest speaker reads the word of the day and has a short devotion for the teens.  After the short talk, there is prayer before the bell rings.  It even got to the point that students would ask for prayer for certain things.  There was an instance where a JV baseball player was hit in the head with a metal bat and was sent to hospital in a helicopter.  His head was swelling real badly and he was unconscious.  His condition didn’t change for a couple days.  This player’s sister was dating a very committed attendee of M & M’s and he had the group pray for this baseball player till he was home.  It was a great witness to have the teens have faith that prayer works.  For these teens, they get a smile, a high five, an encouraging word, some candy, scripture and prayer all before going into their day.  These teens are learning that before the day, they need to spend time with God.
Jeff serves as the Community Director in Fort Lee in Virginia.  Jeff leads a team of staff and volunteers in providing Club Beyond to Army dependents. Fort Lee is experiencing a lot of expansion as new units move in from elsewhere in the United States. Jeff began his journey with Club Beyond as a student and is excited about his new ministry and calling. 
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