Imagine you are back in high school, and it’s your senior year. Imagine that your mom or dad just received orders for you to move to another state at the end of the month. You've lived in the same state for the last six years, and now, your last year of high school, two months into your senior year, you’re changing high schools. That is what military teens have to deal with on a regular basis: the uncertainty of not knowing how long it will be until they move again.

This is Luke’s story. YFC Military Staffer Ron Oates was talking to him recently at the church service on base. With a middle school outreach weekend camp coming up, Ron wanted to know if Luke would be a student leader for the camp. That’s when he told me Ron about his family having to move soon.

What is even more amazing about Luke’s story is that he’s not bitter. Not only is he not bitter against the military for moving him his last year of high school, but he actually wants to be a pilot in the Air Force someday! By the way, he’s still trying to figure out if he can squeeze in being a leader for the Club Beyond weekend camp, right before he moves.

Luke is just one of the many hundreds of students whom YFC Military staff have the privilege of working with on a regular basis.

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