This summer, D attended YFC Camp at Quaker Ridge. And so did Youth for Christ staff person, Kelly. Throughout the week their paths crossed. Sitting next together while making S’mores one night, D shared with Kelly about her school and her family. Later that week when Kelly was sitting alone on the porch one afternoon, D came by and shared about the rejection of her family and being put into the foster care program. And that this foster family didn’t want her. Kelly remembers the hurt she had for D, wanting so much for D to cling to the One who doesn’t reject and who gives life.

Bobby, the speaker, shared the gospel throughout the week, each day taking students through their mess and closer to Jesus. On the night of the Cross Talk – sharing about what Jesus has done for each one of us – students are given an opportunity to spend 30 minutes with God. We all stood up and left the club room in silence, found a place outside to sit and silently speak to God and listen to what He had to say to us. At the end of the time, the students were told that when the bell rang, they could respond in three ways: shout YES if they were making a decision to follow Christ, shout YES AGAIN if they were recommitting their lives to Christ, or say nothing if they weren’t ready to make a decision.

After the club meeting, D came and found Kelly and told her that she’d said YES to Jesus. But just a couple days later when it was time to leave YFC Camp, Kelly saw D sitting at a picnic table, tears streaming down her face. D confided,  “I don’t want to go home. They don’t want me there. They don’t like me.” Kelly was able to share with D that she is NEVER alone. Jesus is right there with her each step of the way, and reminded her that her youth leaders will walk with her in this journey. They prayed together, asking God for strength and courage as she returned home. What an honor to be just a small part of this young girl's journey.

-story courtesy of Kelly Hoeting

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