The school year is officially in full swing and so is USAFA Club Beyond with college football games, club programming, small groups, student leadership, and volunteer training. As we step into this new year, we are going to be approaching ministry a little differently and I would love your help.

The first of Youth for Christ’s 5 Essentials that we evaluate ministry by is Widespread Prayer. YFC describes it as: “We deliberately engage many Christians to intercede on behalf of the ministry site.” This means that we need more than my volunteers and me praying for this ministry and I want to formally invite you to support these teens directly by praying for them and the ministry here at USAF Academy this very moment.

We hand out prayers like they are Snickers bars. Here are just a few of the many ways we ask people in the community and supporters of this ministry to join in prayer:

  • Prayer Texts. We send 2-3 a week of in-the-moment prayer requests that people can offer a quick five second prayer after reading the text. This gives instant support and praise to our Father for the ministry and these teens.
  • Weekly Newsletter. We lay out the week of events and ask parents, staff, and volunteers to pray over the week for these teens.
  • Weekly Parents 360. Our weekly follow-up email that we send out to parents to continue the lesson from youth group contains the material we presented to the teens. In the email, we ask the parents to pray with the students about the topics as well as pray for them.
  • Bimonthly Newsletter. I send out a bimonthly newsletter to donors and prayer warriors that have no personal investment in this ministry except for me being there. It is a recap to them of what I have been doing as well as several prayers for them to pray over us.

This support is the foundation of our faith in Christ as well as this ministry. We must surround ourselves with a community of believers who will continue to intercede on our behalf to our Heavenly Father. I love the community of people that are praying for our volunteers, staff, parents, and teenagers.

How do you incorporate prayer into your ministry? What impact have you seen from it?

by Jeremy Smith.

Jeremy serves as a Club Beyond Community Director at the United States Air Force Academy base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Through the outreach program Club Beyond, Jeremy walks alongside the teens through friendship, Club meetings, Bible studies, special events and service projects, all the while sharing with them the love of Jesus Christ.

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