Another junior from the same school, Peter*, chose to hang out with us and even stay the night for his first time camping in his life. It’s amazing to provide an experience as basic as camping to these young men who haven’t experienced something in God’s landscape before. Up to this point, Peter had been hanging out at Club and getting his feel of where he fits into this group. Our Leadership Team could tell he was used to being the “ladies’ man” wherever he went. He has continued to attend whatever event we put together for our  students to get out of the house and be themselves with one another. It didn’t take long for Peter to break out with some heartache with the guys once the fire was lit. I personally read it all over him. He was frustrated and needed to share some stuff. When first offered to take out some pent up issues with the axe, he declined. Soon it wasn’t long until we all saw Peter valiantly swinging at the firewood to let it all go. It’s such a blessing to see something so basic which can be used to become a therapeutic tool for comfort in rough times.

*Name changed.

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