Story courtesy Cindy Anderson

It makes me laugh to come home after Club or small group. Why? Well, you see, about an hour or two before going, I feel tired. So tired, that most times I wonder if I will be able find the energy to go keep up with a group of energetic teenagers. As we head out the door from home, we gather up all our games and food supplies for the night, then take off for base. All the while I wonder if we
could get by with playing checkers instead of running away from “It” in a game of tag. By the time the evening is done and we walk back through the front door of our house, one of us will say, “I had a blast tonight,” and the other will say, “Yeah, me too.”

Somewhere between our front door and the moment our two early-bird eighth grade boys show up to see what’s for supper, the “tired” has disappeared and it’s game on … and I want to be “It.” That makes me laugh. It also humbles me and I find myself so thankful to be where we are, doing what we are doing. These crazy, wonderful teens are a blast to be around.

Last week Kurt asked who God was to them. We have been here for a bit and have developed a pretty open and honest communication with our regular teens. By the end of the night, we were floored to hear their openly honest, confused view of who God is to them. There were three of us there as the adult leaders. We all three came out of the room not knowing whether to laugh, or cry. Kurt followed up this last week with asking what they thought faith was. Our friend and faithful volunteer Stacy spoke up about ten minutes into their answers. She put it to them so sweet and clear that you could virtually see light bulbs go on over their heads. She asked them to consider that they were confusing having hope, with having faith. The conversation that followed was evidence of a new discovery in understanding.

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