Why haven’t we played flag football yet!?!”  One sunny Sunday afternoon after playing soccer with our students, we heard this come from the majority of our girls who attended our study that day. This nearly knocked me to the ground. Normally, I come prepared with game ideas and our girls wanted something with a bit more excitement and competition at Club on Sundays. Therefore, that’s exactly what we chose. I promised them that their voices were heard and we were going to play flag football together with all the guys and girls the following week.  Their voices were heard. Too often we come to Club ready, prepared and almost rigid to change our plans and just go through routine of what we think it should look like. This wasn’t the first time our students have made suggestions to what our Club could do during a certain week. They want to know they are heard even if it’s just for a high five on a great thing done during a game or a hug given to them when they arrive because they are known and seen when they show up at Club.  Students are gaining momentum going into the latter part of the first semester knowing they are part of a tight knit family at Club. They know they matter. When we hear them out, whether it’s a game suggestion, life story or just a personal thought on a topic we’re discussing in a Club talk, it solidifies their being at Club and that they can be themselves. 

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