Transition is a “constant” for most missionaries, and YFC Military missionary Ashley Feemster is no exception.

From getting married (entrusting most of the wedding planning to her mother and husband-to-be, since she was in Germany serving on a military base just prior to her wedding), to taking on a new ministry, to serving under two different chaplains in two months to now waiting on God for her and her new husband’s next assignment, Ashley has experienced transition “to the max” this year – and found God faithful through it all.

Most couples would not choose to be on separate continents for most of their engagement, but Ashley and Shane made it work. After much consideration and prayer, Ashley took a position with Club Beyond as an interim Community Director in Garmisch, Germany.

She writes, “What an experience! I was a little scared at first, but after I finally felt settled in I had a great time and learned so much! My first few weeks of ministry were really discouraging. My first three weeks of ministry I had three kids show up. It was a small community, but man that was a punch to the ego.” After discovering that most of the students were traveling for the summer, she revamped the way she did ministry and adjusted her expectations accordingly. As she puts it, “No two days looked alike for a very long time.”

Among other things, Ashley and the students she worked with participated in service projects, including serving the local community by cleaning up parts of the post. They made such a huge difference that appreciative people from the community even threw them a party on the last day. “It was a great experience for the students to feel appreciated and see that their hard work was worth something.

Ashley and her group also helped with a Vacation Bible School program put on by the chapel. She saw God use her in areas that she describes as “not my strength” as well as cultivate leadership in some of her students, who performed skits, led classes, and helped with set up and tear down for the event.

Are you thinking about becoming a missionary? Waiting for life to “settle down” a bit before taking the next step? The life of a missionary is certainly full of transitions – and God strengthening us for tasks that are “not our strength”. Don’t wait!

Contact our team today and share with us how God is leading you in the area of mission to young people.

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