“I read the Bible last night.”  He had the appearance of a typical “skater” – sweat-stained hoodie, Vans shoes, and a devil-may-care expression veiled by long, disheveled curls. Though like so many of the military kids I’ve encountered, he is polite and friendly, with an infectious smile that draws one to him. I first met Brent last spring at our after-school Club we held at his urban middle school. Having no interest in our Bible lessons, he attended with friends to enjoy the games and snack offered at each of our Clubs. We probably couldn’t have convinced Brent to go to Youth For Christ summer camp with us had it not been for  the “sick indoor skate park” he saw in the camp promotional video we showed at Club.

Brent went to camp and was able to hear our friend Jason (the camp speaker) talk about God’s love for us no matter our past. Brent struggled with the idea that God loves him despite his serious past sins, but on Day 3 of camp this skater said “Yes” to following Christ! On the morning of Day 4, Brent shared with Jon that he had started reading his Bible the night before.

“That’s awesome, Brent! What did you read?”

“Not really sure. I just started at the beginning. It didn’t really make much sense.”

“Was it about creation and Adam & Eve?”


“Brent, show me where you started.”

(Brent opens his new Bible to display the editor’s page.)

“Brent, that’s the editor’s page, not part of the Bible.”

“Well, that’s a relief. I was starting to think Jesus was kinda whack!”

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