So, where’s your office?” A typical daily question that someone asks of me. What’s my answer? The paintball course, basketball courts over by housing and by the Elementary School, my living room and dining room over a game of Settlers of Catan, Soccer fields on and off post, the bowling alley, the local high school football stadium on Friday nights, and the list continues to grow. Although we are expected to hold some type of “office hours” during the week, a dear friend in the ministry shared with me how pivotal it will be to see how “few” of those hours really come together in that office. The more hours I am out with our students is Christ in the community – HE will be seen.

One of my high school seniors is a student who does very well. He taking multiple AP courses this year and holds down a near full-time job. Then add in the time he spends with his close friends while bowling in a league or just hanging out and one wonders what time he has for anything else, even something like coming to Club sometime. I met Mark a few times and invited him to come to a weekly Club event, but it just never came together. Enter paintball, Settlers of Catan and just coming to hang out at McDonald’s. After multiple paintball events and hanging out at my place playing an excellent game of Settlers of Catan together with the guys, it clicked. Recently, on a rainy Saturday after hanging with the guys during their bowling league, I mentioned that we all could gather back at my place for a rousing challenge of Settlers. They were all in. We played all afternoon and then we headed to McDonald’s, our normal hang out spot in Hinesville. It was at that moment that Mark and I were chilling in the booth with the other guys and he openly shared with me “I don’t know if I ever told you, but I’m really glad I met you.” God opened the gates. Not in my timing, but in His planned ways of reaching students in and through obedience. We talked about where he went to church and his thoughts on college and it allowed a bridge to be built.

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