One of the hardest things Military teens go through is PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves. In many cases it is the taboo topic that you don’t discuss until it descends upon you. As I write this article we are saying goodbye to a family moving back to Alaska. This family has been super active in the community and in the Chapels and they have two teens that attend Club. They knew the move was coming but chose to avoid it in discussion. Now that it is a reality, they struggle to fully deal with it.

We take for granted the sacrifices these teens make and the fact that at the drop of a hat they are ready to move across the World. It saddens me to see a teen go but uplifts my heart to view them as a new missionary on the field for Christ. The only thing we can offer in these chaotic times is Jesus Christ. Jesus is a rock of stability in an unstable culture. Jesus also serves as a best friend when a teen makes a PCS move to a new location where they know no one. PCS moves are big and scary but Jesus is bigger and peaceful!

Eric Gillis
Fort Rucker Club Beyond

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