It seems such a long time ago, at this point.  But in reality it was only a few months ago.  The kids had a blast playing in the snow, skiing, playing basketball, playing games and talking in the retro 70’s style fireplace room, wandering the city of Innsbruck , and of course, eating.  The day we were supposed to load the buses and head for the indoor swim park, we got a few feet of snow.   Yes, the snow kept us from heading down the mountain, but it didn’t stop everyone from having a blast that day.  By the end of free time there was a very impressive snow fort off to the side of the hotel!

Each night, after supper, everyone gathered in the club room for singing, skits and a club talk.  Everyone was presented the clear and loving Truth.  We did not hear how many first time decisions and recommitments were made at camp.   We do know there were many.   Below are two vignettes given to us from two of our community directors.  We hope you enjoy a few snapshots of camp through them.

Chris C. is a senior in high school and is new to our community this year. His mom and dad have been concerned for Chris and his walk with Christ.  At Winter Blitz, Chris was faced with the truth of his faith. Since returning home, he has been reading his Bible every day, the Bible he couldn’t even find last year! In the last month he has memorized I John. Chris’ mom has been very encouraged as Chris is now participating in worship with his family.

This was Nathaniel’s first Club Beyond trip. He was invited to Club by his friend Val. After being encouraged by others, Nathaniel took part in the talent show at Winter Blitz. He didn’t have his music or his guitar, so he composed a new song and a guitarist in the band loaned him a very expensive guitar to play. Nathaniel was so excited that this was one of the first things he told me about. But the most exciting part of the trip for Nathaniel was that he met and decided to follow Jesus!  

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