One middle school student started coming to Club with some friends. He recently became an Army brat this past year when his mom married a soldier. It has been a lonely year for him, living away from all his family and friends. He also struggles with the pain of not having a father, and his stepdad is not very kind to him. This student went to YFCamp with us.  YFCamp is where everything changes.  It is an opportunity to experience God away from the chaos of life.  As the speaker talked about the pain of being abandoned by a father,
this middle school student nodded along. The next time the speaker presented the gospel. I whispered to him that I knew God had something to say to him during this talk. After the talk, each student was asked to take 15 minutes of solo time with God. Afterwards he came up to me and gave me a big hug. He said "Miss Vanessa, I'm not alone anymore. I found God." He said "yes" to Jesus that night at camp and I am so excited to help him continue in that faith this year! Praise God.

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