I had asked many of my ministry partners to pray for one student at camp. I took time to write an email telling each partner more about their camper. The slogan for YFCAMP is “where everything changes.” I included specific prayer requests for each camper, based on where I knew they needed change from God in their life. These prayer requests ranged from healing in strained family relationships, seeing God as their father, being encouraged in the midst of pain, finding peace in a time of great anxiety, seeing their sin, and for some to put their faith and trust in Jesus for the first time. To my great astonishment, I can go back to each email and tell you how each one of those prayers was answered! Praise our mighty God and His marvelous deeds! I cannot thank you enough for both your specific and general prayers for YFCAMP. God used you through those prayers in the lives of these teens!

While I cannot share every story of every camper, let me share with you about one.  The week before camp I took one of my high school students out to coffee. She shared with me, almost numb, about the last three weeks. In this short time she had found out her parents were separating and she was moving several states away in less than two weeks. She was devastated and almost in disbelief at how quickly all of this had mounted against her. By the end of the week at camp, she was able to say with peace and confidence that she was able to trust God in the midst of all these difficult changes. She had faith that He had plans for her in this move, and could also use her story to encourage and help others. Praise God.

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