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Get Involved Through Campus Life Military

There are six primary ways to get involved in your community through Campus Life Military. Each is important, and the more support we have at an installation, the more kids we can serve!

Volunteer Leaders
Adult and student volunteer leaders are the core of Campus Life Military’s success. These individuals regularly volunteer their time to develop relationships with military teens and actively participate in ongoing development to ensure they are prepared to support military teens through whatever life throws at them.
Community Engagement
Campus Life Military programs require a tremendous amount of community connections, logistics and behind the scenes support. Individuals who help in this capacity may or may not ever engage with a student directly, but their actions enable the entire Campus Life Military ministry site to support military teens and share the gospel. The options are limitless! If you have a skill you want to use to support military teens in your area but maybe not the time or gifting to work with 11 to 19-year-old military-connected youth, this is how you can help.
Military Spouse & Servicemember Initiative (MSSI)
Campus Life Military has the vision to empower and equip military spouses & service-members to start and grow ministry sites that impact lost teens for Christ wherever they are stationed. Through this initiative, military-connected adults can reach their full potential in reaching young people throughout their family’s military career regardless of where the military sends them. After orientation, we will equip approved adults to live out their calling and gifting to reach young people through ongoing development, support and coaching. Campus Life Military understands that military life requires flexibility, and MSSI opportunities embrace that flexibility. Opportunities include full time, part time and volunteer positions.
Internship Program
Our internship program is designed for individuals who want to learn more, contribute to ongoing military ministries and get valuable ministry experience and have less than a year to commit. Our interns are screened, developed and carefully placed in military communities. Go here to learn more!
Campus Life Military Staff Options
We have lots of opportunities throughout the United States and all over the world!  If you are looking to either start a new Campus Life Military Site or join an existing team as paid staff, visit our Apply page to learn more!
Starting Campus Life Military
Many YFC chapters and affiliates are located near a military installation and may want to serve the military teens connected to that installation. Campus Life Military can provide training and support for chapters and affiliates interested in serving their local military community. Campus Life Military staff have the experience necessary to make lasting connections in a military community and in some cases Campus Life Military can connect chapters and affiliates with trained and passionate adults interested in full time, part time or volunteer positions to focus on ministry to military teens.
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