Scripture memory is kind of new to me.  Sure, I did my duty for Sunday school gold stars in the early 70's but I'm talking about the kind of memorization that sticks.  Words, phrases, and scenes get embedded in your thoughts like splinters-yea, splinters-the kind that remind you of accomplishment in the yard with an old rake or building a camp fire with your kids-good splinters.  Only with verses, you want to leave them in!

There is a Psalm that has me asking God to teach me in HIS ways so I can walk in HIS truth.  I like this Psalm because I am convinced that I often create my own truth.  I think I know God's ways, but I miss stuff all the time and suffer from my misunderstanding.  I've got most of this Scripture memorized:

Teach me your way, Oh God!  And I will walk in your truth.  Give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.  I will praise you, Oh Lord My God, with all my heart!  I will glorify your name forever.   Pause ...there's a line here I trip on every time.  (skip to the next)  You have rescued my soul from the depths of the grave.

I flip to Psalm 86 to figure out what I am missing and laugh to myself.  Of course, it's that part about how GREAT God's love is for me.  I miss it every time I speak or think this passage.  I hear God agreeing with me.  You miss it all the time Teddi.  How GREAT IS MY LOVE FOR YOU

Now instead of practicing memory verses I am convicted.  I realize that my lack of  understanding or maybe even my unwillingness to embrace this truth of God's great love for me impacts everything.  My self-image falters, my trust waivers, and I become more self-reliant and less believable.  Seriously, how do I communicate to another about the great love of God when I reject it myself?  While I "get it" in my brain and embrace God's character, the transfer of truth to my soul is blocked.  His love for me is sifted out.

So I  write Psalm 86, verse 13 on my hand with a Sharpie.  I write it on the bathroom mirror with soap.  It's on a sticky-note on the cupboard.  And my faith is changing!

Tell me! How do you remember God's GREAT LOVE FOR YOU?  Send us a note that we might encourage one another on in faith.

For GREAT IS HIS LOVE for us!!                                                                                                                                               


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