Mark 4:4-8 ...some fell along the path...some fell on rocky places...others fell among thorns...still other seed fell on good soil.

Oh how we long for that good soil! Our young parents come to us with all kinds of soil-some have endured so much that their soil is packed hard, the seed just sits on top and the burdens of living life trample it and steal it away. Some are so desperate to belong somewhere that they grasp at every opportunity but never lay down deep roots as they are easily burned by judgement of an insensitive word. Some lay down roots and start to grow but have toxic people in their life that sabotage their progress. And then the good soil...we see our young parents grow in their faith, raising their children to know and love Jesus and watch generations forever changed by Christ's transforming love!

Regardless of what their soil looks like when they come to us, we bring them in, love them right where they are at and pray that God will stir the soil of their heart. Friends never stop pleading with the Father to change the soil of their hearts. Be encouraged, we are not in charge of the soil but we do have the privilege of planting!

Father, help us to be faithful planters and draw our precious young parents to your heart!

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