"Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ" Phillipians 4:7

Peace. Wonderful peace.  Doesn't that sound good in the chaotic world of teen parents?  What would happen if peace, wonderful peace covered my relationships, my ministry and my thought life?  Not just sometimes when it's easy but all of the time!

God designed us to continually need Him.  We gather peace throughout the day.  We can ask for His peace to show us which way to turn when our instinct is to go down a dark road of sadness.  We can seek His peace to cover our thought life when we get frustrated or tired of dealing with the drama that is teen parent ministry.  His peace creates calm even if everything around us is topsy-turvy.  Our girls and their children need us to be their place of stability.  God is our Source of peace.  There will be times when peace is difficult.  Maybe now is one of those times.  Rather than worry, tell Him what you need rather than carry it alone,.

Thank Him for all He has done so that you can see the blessings as well as the hard stuff.  Ask Him to give you enough peace just for the moment to carry you through and He will!

We will never exhaust all of His peace.  There is enough for you and I today and there will be more for tomorrow and the next and the next.

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