3Story® Bible Donations

3Story® Bible Donations

In April 2020, Youth For Christ USA hosted a virtual Be The Story event for people all over the country to tune in to find out more about Youth For Christ and how they could be a part of this mission. For every person who registered for this event, the YFC national office donated a 3Story® Bible to the YFC chapter location closest to them. Below are the stories of the three students who received Bibles at our YFC location in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Meet Dominic.

If there was trouble to be found, Dominic could find it. His name was one almost every teacher dreaded seeing on their class list. But Mrs. S, a teacher at Dominic’s high school, had recently become a YFC Campus Life leader and saw Dominic as a “diamond in the rough.” She set out to get Dominic to go on a YFC trip that spring, and after Dominic agreed he would go, her and her husband paid his way.

On the last day of the trip, Dominic went forward to surrender his life to Christ. That was incredibly encouraging, but what happened next was even more incredible. After the trip, Dominic’s teachers wondered what had happened to Dominic, but we we knew. He was a new creation, and people were taking notice. His dad also noticed that something was different with his son and asked him what was up. Dominic went on to share his salvation experience with his dad, and his dad expressed he needed to accept Jesus as well.

Since then, Dominic and his family have attended church together almost every week, and he has taken the step to be baptized.

Imagine how this story might have ended differently without a caring teacher and a local YFC chapter in a tiny school in Northeast Pennsylvania. And thank you for the generosity you have to help us put 3Story® Bibles in the hands of students growing in their faith.

Meet Samantha.

When Samantha came to our Campus Life kick off last year as a freshman, she was very quiet and stayed by a friend who invited her. Throughout the fall of 2019, she didn’t talk a lot but had a sweet disposition. We found out later she and her family had attended church very sporadically, but she didn’t really understand what a relationship with Jesus was. She came on a trip with us in March of 2020, the week before they closed the schools because of the pandemic. Her and two friends went forward that Saturday night at the invitation to accept Christ’s forgiveness. This gave me a great opportunity to share what Christ’s love and forgiveness could mean in her life, and she accepted Jesus that night.

Just after they closed the schools, her mom contacted me to say that her mother, Samantha’s grandmother, was in a nursing home and had died from the coronavirus. The following is a message that Samantha’s mom wrote to show her gratitude for YFC Campus Life:

“Hi, my name is Pamela. I have a beautiful daughter; her name is Samantha. Two years ago, she came home and said her friend invited her to attend a party at Campus Life. My daughter wanted to go with her friend, but she was nervous about attending the party because she was painfully shy. I checked out Campus Life and my friends told me how their children loved going to events hosted by Campus Life. I encouraged my daughter to attend a meeting and have some fun with her friend. Samantha came home after the first meeting and said it was fun, but she only talked to two of her friends. I encouraged her to keep attending the meetings, and somewhere along the way she started getting excited about going to the meetings. After a couple of months, my daughter started looking people in the eye when she talked to them. I feel that Campus Life helped her to find her voice.

She went on a trip with the group in the spring and had a wonderful time. During the pandemic, two leaders made a point to reach out to our children and ask how they and their families were doing. My daughter even received some counseling sessions with Campus Life because my mother-in-law lost a four-year battle with cancer in April. My mother and my household had the coronavirus, and her grandfather had medical issues as well. It was wonderful that Samantha had a safe space to discuss her feelings with adults that wanted to help her express and come to terms with the grief she felt. 

A month ago, Samantha began working at Dunkin Donuts, where she has to deal with customers every day. Campus Life gave her the confidence in herself and her own abilities to go out and get a job. I feel that Campus Life is teaching my daughter life skills that will enhance her life. I am very grateful to the staff of Campus Life. During the pandemic quarantine, a leader also dropped off care packages to our kids. It made our kids feel connected.  Our children had hope because our children knew that they were not alone.”

Meet Caileigh.

Caileigh faces more obstacles in one day than most of us face in one year. She was born with a rare genetic disorder called Freidrich's Ataxia. With this disorder, it is unlikely that Caileigh will live past her mid-20s. Confined to a wheelchair, she takes on every day with so much courage and enthusiasm. I may be Caileigh's Campus Life leader, but she is my hero. I've watched her allow her friends to carry her on and off a bus at camps and conferences with grace, humor, and humility. I've seen her share her testimony in front of 50 students. I've been run over by her in her motorized shopping cart in Walmart. I've seen her go tubing behind a ski boat at Lake Wallenpaupack. There is nothing she won't try because, as Caileigh often puts it, "I don't want to look back when I can't do these things and wish that I had tried." She is living proof that God is our refuge and strength in times of trouble. There is no doubt in my mind that her 3Story® Bible will be earmarked and worn in a very short time. Thank you for your gift in support of students like Caileigh!

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