75 Years - God’s Continued Faithfulness

75 Years - God’s Continued Faithfulness

As our 75th anniversary year concludes, celebrate with us these stories of God’s work through YFC over the years.

Not only was Youth For Christ ‘born’ in 1944, but so was I – the youngest of four to an ordinary churched family in Muskegon, Michigan.

In the 1950s, our Muskegon Junior High School started a YFC Bible Club, and I eagerly became involved. During this decade was the Washington, D.C. rally with speaker Billy Graham. Over 10,000 attended, including my sister Anne and me, traveling the miles to the rally by train. After months of fundraising to cover the cost of the trip, we made it to D.C. Never having seen mountains before, we were up all night peeking out windows into the dark. Sad to say, many of us fell asleep in the D.C. Convention Hall during Mr. Graham’s speaking.

In the 1990s our high school children became involved in Youth For Christ in Long Island, NY. They stood at the flag pole for “See You at the Flag” prayer time, attended rallies with Christian movies (which we parents would chaperone), and both went on annual bike trips hosted by YFC.

Youth For Christ was a critical part of this new generation becoming connected to Christ and sharing his gospel with the world and with each other.

We have been privileged to witness God’s faithfulness through YFC. From knowing deeply committed YFC directors, to YFC staff who hosted Christian clubs at schools, to teens who came to these clubs and rallies for fun but left knowing Christ and wanting to share the Gospel with others…

We are now retired, but we are still committed to supporting many local Youth For Christ ministries.

We marvel at the work God continues to do through this mission.

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