A Beautiful Translation

A Beautiful Translation

It was the second day of camp. I was in the dining hall eating breakfast when the Camp Director came up to me and asked,

“Hey do you speak Spanish?”

I said yes and he quickly replied, “Um…can you translate for us? There’s a girl in the nurse’s clinic and she needs someone to translate for her because she doesn’t speak any English.”

I came to camp as an intern, intending to serve behind the scenes to help camp run smoothly. I figured this would just be a one-time thing, so I agreed to go down to the clinic to help with translation.

She sat on a chair in the nurse’s office, her legs kicking back and forth nervously under the chair. She was painfully shy. I could barely get a word out of her unless it was a direct question from the nurse.

We were able to get her some medicine for her hurting neck, but she didn’t want to head back outside yet, so I stayed with her. We talked a bit, and after a few minutes we headed down to meet the rest of her group.


The next day, the Camp Director came up to me again and told me that there were actually two girls who didn’t speak any English at all. And they couldn’t find anyone to translate.

I was astounded.

I had been praying before camp, “what’s my purpose at camp this summer, with YFC?” I had been asking God to show me how he could use me and now, out of over 500 people at camp, I was the only one who could speak Spanish.

It was so clear to me that this was why the Lord had brought me here.

From that point on, I hung out with the two girls. They didn’t know me, but somehow they trusted me. They opened up to me, and I was able to relate to many parts of their stories. By the fourth day they had a nickname for me, “Ms. Teacher,” and they would look for me between activities. On the last day of camp they told me, “we want to come to camp next year, but only if you come.”

I was amazed at the courage they had to come to camp without knowing any English. I was amazed by the way their cabin leader treated them with such kindness, even though they could barely communicate with each other.

I was most amazed, though, by the way the Lord orchestrated such a beautiful connection.

I thought I was going to camp to serve as an intern, but the Lord had so much more in store.

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