A call away

A call away

Below is a story about an important relationship that has thrived during the COVID-19 season between a YFC leader and a student who desperately needs connection and wants to learn more about Jesus, as told by the YFC leader’s wife who gets to witness this relationship develop virtually from inside their home.

Imagine you are a freshmen boy living in a small apartment with your mom and stepdad. You do not have a lot of close friends, but you like to be with people. Before the world turned crazy with the coronavirus, you used to meet every Monday for dinner with your Campus Life leader, Tim. Then, you would go to a Campus Life club meeting. But now you are stuck at home, and you do not have access to internet.  You cannot login to Campus Life’s club on Zoom. But you do have Tim’s phone number so you text and call him a lot. In fact, the other day you texted and called him eight times. You desperately want to feel connected to someone.

So, what does Tim do? He suggests you start talking on the phone for an hour a day and reading the Bible. You are so excited to have someone to talk to and something to look forward to. You find your Bible Tim gave you months ago, and you are ready.

Your first phone call was great. For a full hour and a half, you and Tim read the Bible and talk. Sometimes Tim read to you. Sometimes you read to Tim. Your whole life you have been told you are not a good reader. You believe that to be true, but Tim is patient and kind. He helps you sound out the words without judgment. You aren’t sure what a lot of the words mean – like Sabbath and centurion and scribes, but Tim explains them to you. There are so many things in the Bible to learn about. You might not have school for the rest of the year, but Tim is helping you read. You are learning new things. You have something to look forward to. You can’t wait for tomorrow. You and Tim are going to read the Bible again.

We are praising God for Tim’s opportunity to not only teach this student more about Jesus, but to meet his real need for encouragement and reading practice. God has had amazing things in store during this time of COVID-19.

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