A Declaration of Freedom

A Declaration of Freedom

Amber has struggled with anxiety nearly every day of her life.

She accepted Jesus as her Savior a few years ago, but so many things about God have been confusing to her. She struggles with her faith and God seems to be so far away.

This summer at camp, during solo time, Amber sat in silence and pondered her relationship with God. As she prayed and sought the Lord, the Holy Spirit, the loving convincer that he is, moved in her soul and Jesus became more real to Amber than ever before. 

“I just felt something inside of me change,”

Amber shared, “There was a transformation in me and I just knew that God loves me. I think He is asking me to take the next step and I really think I need to be baptized.”

The speaker at camp hadn’t talked about baptism. Nobody had mentioned it. This was simply and profoundly a move of the Spirit in her soul. God was drawing her closer and closer to himself.

That night, at 11:38pm on August 4th, 2019, with her leader at her side, Amber was baptized in the camp swimming pool. 

It was a beautiful moment.

As Amber was raised out of the water, tears of joy streamed down her face as she declared her newfound freedom.

Thank you for your prayers for and support of these young people that we invest in. Your faithfulness and prayers truly make a difference. Please continue to lift up the students and leaders who experienced camp this summer.

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