A Life Changed

A Life Changed

Unwanted. Outcast. Depressed. Alone. Angry. Hurting.

These feelings and more were what one of our students carried into YFC camp this summer. But as the days of the week passed, I could tell God was on the move, changing these feelings and how the student viewed herself.

At the end of the week, proof of this move of God manifested after the last story time. Excitement filled her eyes and tone as she explained to me how she connected to one of the leader’s story almost verbatim. She explained how she finally found someone she could relate to and how this story gave her hope for the future.

This story filled her with hope because she knew God is with her always and she didn’t have to feel alone to battle with her struggles.

Not only did she find strength in God, but she also felt supported by a group of people who truly cared about her while at camp, which gave her a feeling of belonging. I encouraged her to keep a seashell from camp to use as a visual reminder of the things she learned and experienced. She picked out her shell, and she encouraged the other girls to do the same. She made it a point to remind them God is always with them and they didn’t have to go back to their old way of living. The seashell could remind them of this truth when they arrived home.    

Loved. Wanted. Redeemed. Changed. Belonging. Beautiful.

These were the words she claimed over her life leaving camp. These are the words we seek to speak over each kid who enters into the sphere of our YFC ministries.

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