A picnic table prayer

A picnic table prayer

Tim, a YFC Juvenile Justice Ministry leader, first met Cassandra at the Fond du Lac County Jail. There, he and other leaders started to build a relationship with her through life skills classes, Bible studies, and other times of visitation. When Cassandra was released, she expressed interest in our Aftercare program, and despite Cassandra living on the edge of our program, Tim was relentless pursued initiating contact with her. Soon Cassandra was coming to small and large group activities, while Tim also set her up with a team of mentors who consistently drove the 30 miles to meet with her. Then COVID-19 hit.

But these leaders didn’t give up on connecting with Cassandra. It again took a little pursuing, but in time, she was participating in weekly Zoom call. On one of these calls, Mark (a volunteer leader) presented the gospel to Cassandra. A few weeks later, as restrictions were being lifted, we hosted a social-distanced gathering at a local custard stand. Cassandra made the trip from Ripon to Fond du Lac to join, and since she arrived a little late, she stayed after with Mark and other leaders after the other kids had left. The leaders asked her if she understood what Mark had talked about when he presented the gospel. She said yes and expressed a desire to begin a relationship with Jesus. So right there, at a picnic table, Cassandra asked Jesus to be her Lord and savior.

It turns out that Cassandra’s dad had been a Christian, but he had died when she was younger. It was at that time Cassandra walked away from God in anger. But through the efforts of loving staff and volunteers, her love for God was restored, and she is now a follower of Jesus Christ. She told her leaders that she still has her father’s Bible, which has many scriptures highlighted, and that reading it has given her a personal connection with her dad.

Cassandra’s story is a great example of how all aspects of YFC’s Juvenile Justice Ministry can work together to change lives. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

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