A Safe Place to Struggle

A Safe Place to Struggle

Adam Doyle is a ministry leader at Casper Youth For Christ in Casper, Wyoming, who loves his calling from God to reach young people through YFC.

Listen as Adam Doyle and Wake Up Call Morning Show hosts Tommy Briggs and Jeff Howe discuss Adam’s journey from being addicted to methamphetamines to working with YFC at a local juvenile detention center.

“One of the coolest parts about Casper Youth For Christ is that they have this amazing facility, and they let us come in here and serve the kids,” Adam said. “What a blessing it is for the teens to come and use the indoor skate park, pool tables, etc. It is awesome to have this place, where these teens who need the help can do different things and avoid being involved in all the chaos out in the world.”

Adam has seen how important it is for the kids he works with to have a safe place to learn about the different choices they have in life.

“Will these programs change their lives overnight? Probably not. But if we can plant a seed…God will grow it!” Adam said

Asyiah has been a part of Casper YFC’s ministry programs for a while, and she says the place and the ministry leaders have meant so much to her.

“There are so many good people here. When anyone needs help, this is the place we can all get it. No matter what the struggle is: emotions, family, or school. Everyone here is ready to help us deal with whatever is going on in our lives,” she said.

“The two greatest commandments are that we need to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind and to love others,” Adam said. “Casper YFC is providing a way to do that with the teens in our area.”

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