Always Moving Forward in San Antonio, Tx

Always Moving Forward in San Antonio, Tx

In 2020, our Youth For Christ location in San Antonio championed and mentored 1,324 youth – through local ministry.

Gilbert Hernandez, YFC San Antonio CEO said, “After the COVID shutdown started (last year), our team met and prayed over the situation, we knew that our approach had to be that ‘we’re not pulling back,’ – we were going to push and move forward. These kids were in a tough spot – Youth For Christ has always been known for going into tough places and reaching kids.”

At that time, the San Antonio police department had reported that the area experienced a dramatic uptake in domestic violence. YFC San Antonio understood how that would be an enormous challenge to teenagers and families. They committed to stay connected virtually – but it wasn’t easy, because at that time, many of the kids didn’t have computer access. When COVID first hit, especially in the underserved communities, the only way to communicate with the kids was through their phones. Using social media YFC San Antonio stay connected and engaged with a lot of these students.

YFC San Antonio reaches many of students through YFC Parent Life, a YFC ministry strategy that reaches teen moms and dads. Many of the students in engaged with YFC Parent Life were high school seniors about to graduate. Gilbert and the YFC San Antonio staff wanted to recognize this major accomplishment in a safe way. “We dropped off care packages for the graduates and arranged photo sessions. Many of these teens were the first in their family to graduate. This was a major celebration for their entire family.”

YFC San Antonio has been innovative in other ways as well, in order to stay in touch with their ministry community at a time when many were and still are isolated. The ministry has partnered with a local church, Community Bible Church (CBC) Latino to host “drive up” backpack giveaways and a food drive that provided 2,000 meals for families.

YFC San Antonio’s ministry leaders (volunteers) would also visit teens at home and provide arts and crafts activities in their driveways such as chalk art and paintings.

“My YFC leader always met me wearing a mask, I could always see in her eyes that she was smiling at me – giving me support and care.” - YFC San Antonio student

In recent months, YFC San Antonio has had the opportunity to host smaller in-person YFC Campus Life ministry at some middle school locations. Angela Lugo, described how it was apparent to the ministry leaders how being back in-person, as opposed to the virtual visits, was having a positive effect on the teens. One 14-year-old girl, who had been attending school virtually, began attending the in-person events. She shared how grateful she was for the opportunity to have a safe place to come to, and to talk with leaders who obviously cared and wanted to help. She said that “even though my YFC leader always met me wearing a mask, I could always see in her eyes that she was smiling at me – giving me support and care.”

That’s what YFC is all about. Walking with kids, as Jesus does. Jesus is reaching kids through YFC San Antonio.

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