Choosing passion to reach kids

Choosing passion to reach kids

We have witnessed, firsthand, YFC leaders across the U.S. choosing passion. Passion to reach kids everywhere. Passion to connect kids to Jesus.

It has been overwhelming to witness leaders figure out innovative ways to connect with kids, right where they are. Read this story from YFC New York City.

When YFC New York City launched three years ago, the ministry staff there began building relationships across the city to impact youth, specifically those in the juvenile justice system.

Flash forward to the beginning of 2020, Daniel Sanabria, Executive Director of YFC NYC, said ministry was alive and amazing. Between weekly Bible studies, one-on-one mentoring, meeting with church partners, and hosting See The Story tours to introduce potential partners to YFC, kids and the city as a whole were being consistently impacted by the work God was doing through YFC.

“But when the coronavirus hit the city [in March], everything just stopped,” Sanabria said. YFC was the last program to leave the juvenile facilities when the city began to lockdown, but suddenly, ministry leaders were cut off from relationships they had spent the last three years building.

That disconnection didn’t last long, however. Sanabria said his team quickly went on the offense with communication, reaching out to the juvenile facilities’ staff and asking for prayer requests and direction on how they can help. The staff were overwhelmingly grateful, and YFC leaders quickly mobilized to begin delivering food and other supplies to the kids and staff while covering the facilities in prayer.

Sanabria and his team of ministry leaders have also launched an art project called “Inside Out,” ordering and dropping off supplies for the kids inside the facilities to create poster with a message of life, hope, and love that will eventually be displayed around the city.

Although ministry looks different for YFC right now, it is also expanding through projects like “Inside Out” and other creative ideas that are allowing YFC leaders to continue spreading the hope that only comes through Jesus Christ to 11- to 19-year-olds across the country.

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