Creativity and Passion Prevail

Creativity and Passion Prevail

YFC’s Deaf Teen Quest (DTQ) ministry reaches out to teens experiencing isolation because of hearing loss—with the love, acceptance, hope, and grace of Jesus. DTQ gives teens the opportunity to build relationships with people who have the shared experience of hearing loss. But the ministry is so much more.

“When we’re together, the focus isn’t on hearing loss—it’s just on being together,” Ellen Kammeraad, West Michigan YFC’s Deaf Teen Quest Director, said.

Kammeraad and her team connect with deaf and hard of hearing students to build Christ-centered, life-changing relationships. Teams of caring Christian adults enter the world of deaf teenagers for “fun, friendship, fellowship, and faith.”

The coronavirus crisis has posed challenges for the group, but creativity and a passion to share Christ’s has allowed them to continue connecting with their kids. The team has been posting a fun question or daily challenge within a Facebook group, which gives all involved a chance to interact with one another as they post video responses.

Ellen said she has been blown away by the fact that God is not only sustaining ministry during this time of COVID-19, but he’s providing growth for Youth For Christ as well.

One kid in the group sent a video where he signed his appreciation for the close-knit YFC Deaf Teen Quest family.

“I like our Deaf Teen Quest ministry family because they’ve helped me with God and other things,” he said. “The Deaf Teen Quest ministry is a lot of fun to go to. I liked camp because I met new friends who are hearing and deaf. We all came together, which was cool. I want to be with more deaf people than just me, you know? I like the Deaf Teen Quest ministry because we’re all like a family.”

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