Devos & Donuts

Devos & Donuts

Tabitha Vasilas, Executive Director for East Alabama YFC, said COVID-19 has changed the way her ministry serves at-risk youth. But her team of ministry leaders has remained active, praying weekly for youth and staff at various juvenile facilities, where they work with kids.

In addition to prayer support, East Alabama YFC has provided care packages and meals for staff at the juvenile facilities and sent meals, handwritten letters, and hygiene products to the kids.

“We also started a ‘Devos and Donuts’ ministry where we prepare a week’s worth of devotions for the youth at the detention center and drop them off on Monday mornings along with donuts,” Tabitha said.

“Since COVID-19…we have provided social-distancing, safe activities…and an encouraging message from the word of God. We will continue providing these types of Christ-sharing activities in the days to come. God is making all things work together for good.”

“Our desire is to share the love of Christ by extending compassion in practical ways that help meet the needs of each individual exactly where they are,” she said. “We love each one of them and do our best to demonstrate that through our acts of service, assistance, and authentic relationships.”

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