Entering Another World

Entering Another World

The cafeteria teemed with middle schoolers - yelling, screeching, laughing raucously. If I hadn’t spent so much time with teenagers prior to this encounter I might have thought I had entered a cage of flamingos.

With my middle age and my teacherly demeanor I surely stuck out like a sore thumb.

Entering another person’s world – especially uninvited – is a challenging thing.

I wonder then how Jesus felt, entering uninvited, into our world. Certainly, as I read the pages of Scripture, I see his Son-of-Godness oozing out of him.

He stood out like a great, glorious sore thumb.

As Youth For Christ leaders invade our various ministry contexts, we are acutely aware of what entering another person’s world requires. It requires a death to self. No, they don’t think you’re cool when you walk up uninvited and ask their name. It requires devotion to the mission. The gospel sounds foreign, or worse yet, hateful. It requires a clinging to your Father-bestowed identity. When cornered by the Spirit of God, these hurting creatures have the capacity to verbally shred the messenger.

As you and I seek to love and serve the world around us, we fall woefully short of these demands. But think of Jesus. He humbled Himself, died to Himself, unswervingly carried out the mission, and clung with iron grip to the identity His Father gave Him. And He did this all without any human invitation to do so.

What glory! What wonder! What a gift!

As you celebrate Christ’s entrance into our world, please remember us in our striving to reach teenagers. If you would like to invest in this mission, year-end gifts and new monthly partnerships are still needed and most welcome.

Story shared by SaraBeth Wadsworth, YFC Campus Life Military Site Director

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