Entering The Lives of Young Parents

Entering The Lives of Young Parents

Three in 10 American teen girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That is nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. [1]

Youth For Christ provides relational ministry through the ministry of YFC Parent Life which seeks to enter the lives of young parents and their children through authentic and intentional mentoring relationships with caring adults. YFC Parent Life pursues young parents, through community partnerships as well as in middle schools, highs schools and alternative schools. This Mother’s Day – as in everyday– YFC Parent Life ministries will continue to reach out to teen moms across the country. 

Anabelle Chambers, YFC USA’s National Parent Life Lead is “honored to be able to come alongside YFC Parent Life directors across the country and help remove as many barriers as possible for teen parents with the love of Jesus and empowering others to do the same.”

Through creative programming, Parent Life emphasizes making the “next right choice” in relationships, education, parenting and pursuing Jesus to make the most of their circumstances.

Yasmin Cline, director of YFC Parent Life at Central Indiana YFC reminds us that “Teen parents look different than they may have looked in years pass ... that’s where communities of support like (YFC) Parent Life help: we come alongside and unearth the shame, unearth the generational poverty, unearth the judgment. We provide a community where people can get to know one another and learn their attributes and encourage [the teens] towards school, towards a job, towards healthy parenting.”

YFC has chapters all over that are making a difference in their communities through the ministry of YFC Parent Life. Below are just two snapshots of local YFC Parent Life locations.

Denver Area YFC Parent Life DAYFC Parent Life continues to prepare teen moms and dads for the workforce through mentorship from community leaders. The ministry also provides the teens with “spiritual wellness packages” that are filled with encouraging notes, Scriptures and activities for teen parents and their kid(s).

YFC Lubbock Parent Life In Lubbock, Texas they continue to offer “A Baby Boutique,” an incentive program that empowers teen parents to make good choices and teaches responsibility. Parent Life teens earn points called “Baby Bucks” that they can use to purchase items from the Baby Boutique. In addition, the ministry provides Tuesday Night Dinners, where teens can receive emotional and spiritual support, encouragement and resources to help them be the best parents they can for their babies. The dinners are a time for the Parent Life mentors and Parent Life teens to connect and build relationships as they eat together.

“God does a beautiful thing: when you obey and you simply move forward, He will equip you along the way. It’s faithful Christians, just walking and moving and going to places they wouldn’t normally go. And then letting God just show them the world,” -Yasmin Cline

This Mother’s Day consider donating a gift to YFC Parent Life. Be part of reaching young people everywhere.

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[1] Kost, Kathryn, and Stanley Henshaw. “U.S. Teenage Pregnancies, Births and Abortions 2008: National Trends by Age, Race and Ethnicity.” New York: Guttmacher Institute. [Online]

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