Helping Hundreds of Young People Have Safe and Loving Send-Off

Helping Hundreds of Young People Have Safe and Loving Send-Off

Recently, YFC Siouxland, a local chapter of Youth For Christ, was invited to develop trusting relationships with this local Emergency Shelter. This trust quickly evolved into an invitation into their facility to come alongside their staff to develop relationships with these unforgotten and challenging youth, who constantly feel unloved, unwanted, rejected.

Youth end up here for a variety of reasons, including failed adoptions, abuse, neglect, family problems, parents who have been arrested, red-tagged homes, some who lose foster care placement or have ungovernable behavior, and some are simply left there.

Now, prayers are being requested as this local emergency shelter in Northwest Iowa will be closing its doors due to a lack of staffing. It is the area’s only Emergency Shelter that served approximately 300 kids annually from South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. Meaning all the kids in this center will be quickly placed into yet another facility, home, or family—in and outside of Sioux City

YFC staff is reaching out to our other community partners to help with the transition and the response has been tremendous. YFC is working to ensure these kids have a loving send-off to their new placements.

Local YFC staff have been able to bring joy, worth, and purpose into the lives of these young people. This trusting relationship has evolved into more access with the youth by allowing the teens to visit one night per week off-site at YFC Siouxland’s City Life Teen Center. And since then, doors opened to enter the youths’ Cluster Site homes, which make up offsite home-like shelters for youth who can go to school or work, providing a more home-like environment than an institutional one. 

A local church is providing suitcases, box lunches, and dinners for moving day, as well as care packages for the kids with personal hygiene and supplies they may need. And, through a collaboration between local Juvenile Courts, a Community Center - Shelli Rawson, YFC Siouxland’s Juvenile Justice Ministry Director, will be attending an 8-hour at-risk youth behavioral issues training in Omaha this month… at no expense to YFC. 

“God is moving on behalf of these kids, and they need your prayers of protection!” - Karl Van Cura local Executive Director, YFC Siouxland

Please join us in praying for the staff and kids of both YFC Siouxland and this Emergency Shelter. Pray for kids who have real stories of abuse, trauma, neglect, constant upheaval, and disruption in their lives. Pray, they don’t take this on themselves! 

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