Hope for the Hurting

Hope for the Hurting

It was a Tuesday afternoon. A local Campus Life leader was sitting in the office lobby of a local high school at the end of a school day. A woman walked in and stood just inside the door. One by one a handful of students came to join her for their ride “home” after school. On the surface, these students were just like the other two thousand students leaving school that day. Beneath the surface, however, their home was not a house with four walls and loving parents; their “home” was the local youth shelter. It was a vivid reminder of the thread of hurt and brokenness that runs through youth culture today.

It was a Thursday evening. A group of girls were gathered around a table at a local coffee shop chatting about life. They didn’t realize how loud they were talking as they began to express their dislike for a classmate. A local Campus Life leader couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. “I don’t like her,” one of the girls exclaimed as they discussed a particular girl from their school. One of the girls emphasized, “nobody likes her!” Another vivid reminder of the hurt and brokenness that runs through youth culture today.

It was a Monday night. A group of high school students had gathered for a local Campus Life club. The students were given a chance to let their leaders know where they are in their journey with Jesus. One particular student stated, “I want more. A LOT MORE.” It was a vivid reminder of the hope and healing that YFC leaders are living out through authentic, Christ-sharing relationships throughout our community today.

It was a starry night. A group of shepherds gathered near a manger to see a baby whose birth had been announced by an angel. The wonder of this sacred event is planted deep in their hearts. Immanuel. God with us. A vivid reminder that there is hope. Hope for the outcast. Hope for the hurt. Hope for the broken. Hope forever. Hope for a young man sleeping in a lonely youth shelter bed tonight. Hope for a young lady crying herself to sleep, wondering if anyone cares. Hope for the future of a young lady who just said yes to following Jesus.

It is an afternoon in early December. You are reading this story. The thought of offering hope to a young person is taking root in your heart. You wonder if you can play a part in offering this hope to a hurt and broken generation of kids. The answer is yes, yes you can. Join us by committing to pray for our students every day. Join us with a year-end financial gift to support Youth For Christ’s ministry efforts. Join your local YFC location for few hours a week in 2020 to build authentic, Christ-sharing relationships with kids in your community. Join us in the hope and wonder that is Immanuel, God with us.

Story shared by Kevin Becht, YFC chapter Executive Director

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