If it wasn’t for you

If it wasn’t for you

Here is a story from one of our YFC leaders:

I was extremely concerned one evening when Anton* called me. I could hear him sobbing uncontrollably, and before he spoke, he hung up. I frantically called him back, thinking the worst: is he in trouble, is he caught up in the street, did his mother die? I called and texted for two hours before he eventually called me back and tried to compose himself.

When he finally was able to speak, Anton said, “I want to end my life. I don’t want to live anymore.” I eventually learned a very close friend – a “brother” to Anton – was gunned down hours before. His brother was pronounced dead at the scene. Anton had called me, still wearing clothes soaked with his friend’s blood, to tell me he was hopeless and suicidal.

Anton is 18 years old, but he has no legal status because his parents brought him from a poor Caribbean country as a child. Unable to finish school or attain any legal work, he feels like a burden to his family. Recently, during a fight, his sister shouted, “You’re a bum! You’re just taking up space.” The pain of his friend’s death and the reality of being undocumented led Anton to believe there was no hope in living.

We were glad that in a time of physical and emotional crisis, the first people Anton thought to call were his YFC leaders. The next day, one of these leaders passed by his house to get him out of his environment and pray with him. He arranged for Anton to shadow some different professionals and entrepreneurs and took Anton out to the ocean to breathe.

Later, we talked through some tangible solutions for income, and I was able to gift Anton with a laptop so he could develop his talent for video editing and photography. I passed by his house as well, brought food, and listened. Anton was so thankful for support. Before I left, he said, “I’d be so lost if it wasn’t for you guys.”

*Name has been changed

Youth For Christ Mission from Youth For Christ USA on Vimeo.

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