Invitation to the acclaimed program - At the Table with Dr. King

Invitation to the acclaimed program - At the Table with Dr. King

It was at his kitchen table in January of 1956, that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a crisis of faith and commitment. His life, and the lives of his family had just been threatened through an “ugly” phone call… he was distraught and weak. Sipping a cup of coffee while he sat at the table, he came to realize that he needed “to know God for myself”. And in that sacred and private moment, God pushed this call into his life. “Martin Luther…”

Stand up for righteousness.

Stand up for justice.

Stand up for truth.

Eighteen months later he would be on the platform with Billy Graham in Madison Square Garden, offering an inspired prayer for Billy’s ministry, for our country, and for the sake of the “least of these”. His words are equally relevant today…

 “And In these days of emotional tension when the problems of the world are dynamic in extent and chaotic in detail give us penetrating vision, broad understanding, the power of endurance and abiding faith and save us from the paralysis of crippling fear.
Oh God, we ask you to help us to work with renewed vigor for a warless world and for the brotherhood that transcends race or color”

It was in 2003 that the City of Aurora, Colorado approached Dave LeMieux, the creative director and worship leader at Colorado Community Church about pulling together a musically anchored and history informed presentation on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. to present in public schools all across the city. This was to be a live assembly. A place to inform and inspire. Dave, under the pastoral care of our friend, Robert Gelinas, embarked on this endeavor. And as Dave says, “it changed my life”.

In 2020, this presentation became virtual. And as such, it is now available to us. It’s a compelling and convicting story of our history, and the powerful difference that the call of God can make on the life of an individual who is committed to listening with courage.

Because January 18th is a national holiday commemorating the life and legacy of Dr. King, I thought it would be appropriate to secure a copy of this 45-minute video for use across the Movement of YFC. Like Dr. King, we are a Movement that seeks to listen attentively to the call of God, and to respond graciously, courageously and fearlessly.

A Denver based Museum owns the rights to this video, and as such, the Mizel Museum has provided us a link and password (below).

View it any time on Thursday afternoon the 14th, through Friday the 15th of January. 

Virtual Event Link: At the Table with Dr. King

Password: MMYouthForChrist21

It was just over 12 years after this “At the table moment” that the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. was snuffed out by a gunman. While preaching his last sermon in Memphis, TN on the evening of April 3rd, 1968, he spoke about “wanting to live”, but realizing his call may not be to “enter the promised land” himself. His hope and dream were to inspire a generation. To inspire people like us ….to stand up for righteousness, to stand up for justice, to stand up for truth… to stand with Jesus.

The night that he was gunned down, he asked for the song “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” to be sung. His life ended before his request was granted. But the words ring in my soul today…

Precious Lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand
I am tired, I'm weak, I am worn
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand, precious Lord
Lead me home

Consider yourself invited!

“At the table”… indeed.



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