Launching YFC Ministry in White Bear Lake to Help Forge Healing

Launching YFC Ministry in White Bear Lake to Help Forge Healing

Excitement is growing at Youth For Christ as we prepare to launch the May 21st kickoff of YFC’s Ministry in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Davey Neubauer, Director of Campus Life at the new Twin Cities YFC is looking forward to working with the middle schoolers to share the good news of Jesus Christ in White Bear Lake.

The town of White Bear Lake, referenced by Mark Twain in 1874 as “one of the best resort towns near the Mississippi,” still maintains its small-town charm despite having a population of over 26,000. 

Some would say that the timing of the ministry’s launch is serendipitous evidence of God’s hand moving to help the community following recent events. Like other towns in the Twin Cities area, White Bear Lake has come across some racial discrimination in the schools through some social media posts.

White Bear Lake is strongly committed to building equality initiatives into the schools. And Youth For Christ’s Campus Life ministry is willing to step up to assist in this process through its unique Christ-centered focus on relationships vs. a program. 

“YFC Campus Life is a safe place to belong. We encourage students to share their story and value listening to everyone’s perspective,” says Davey. 

It is committed to helping students as they wrestle with issues they face, both big and small, while pursuing a balanced life: mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. 

Davey continued to say, “At Youth For Christ, we believe there is a unique opportunity to forge some healing within our community.”

To learn more about YFC in White Bear Lake, follow them on their recently launched Facebook and Instagram pages.

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