Letting God Into Your Pain

Letting God Into Your Pain

I came to YFC Camp as an intern, excited to serve and asking God to help me discern how he could use me.

The first night of camp, I met *Grace. In our conversation, she expressed how excited she was about her girls being part of camp this week. When I asked how I could pray for her, she paused and her demeanor changed. Her smile went away and her eyes teared up.

“My main prayer request,” she whispered, “is about one of my girls. A few weeks ago she gave birth to a stillborn.”

She shared that her prayer for this summer was that her student would be open about what happened to her and that this would bring her close to God and not away from Him.

Throughout the week, I kept bumping into the kids from this cabin for crud war, at the dance party, and during free time. Grace kept me updated about how her girls were doing, and we met several times to pray for them.

The day before the last day of camp, my intern team was scheduled to go mountain biking. I showed up, only to find out that my team had left without me. Just then I saw a cabin group approaching. It was Grace’s cabin. Grace and I were excited about this surprise encounter, so we all chatted while we waited.

One of the girls pulled me aside and told me, “Grace told me she has been talking to you about me. It is not easy to talk about it, but thank you for praying for me.” 

She continued to explain how hard it was for her to see other people who were pregnant, knowing she will never get to hold the baby she lost. She had a lot of questions and confusion. She couldn’t understand why God allowed this to happen to her.

I quickly prayed for God to give me the words to say before I responded,

“Can I challenge you to let God in your pain?”

“I’m not a mom,” I said. “I can’t begin to understand your pain. But there is someone who knows what it’s like to lose a child. God gave his son for us. He has also experienced deep loss. He can understand and meet you where you are.” 

By this time, we were both weeping. We prayed and when we were done, the serve team that had gone mountain biking arrived. 

I have no doubt the delay was God’s hand working in her and my life. I can see so clearly now that God comes in, connects with us, and meets us in our mess in ways we could never think of.

* Name and details changed

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