Life Change in Kansas City

Life Change in Kansas City

We invite you to watch this short four-minute video, which features Lisa’s, Timeshia’s, and Martin’s stories along with 11 others. We are excited about the work God is doing in the lives of 11-19-year-olds, as well as ministry leaders and community partners, in Kansas City.

In terms of sports, Kansas City had much to celebrate with their professional football team this past season, despite coming up just shy of the Super Bowl championship. Here at YFC, we are celebrating in a different way – we are celebrating life change happening in Kansas City.

Meet Lisa.

Lisa’s son connected with YFC at a local detention center. While he was there, YFC ministry leaders met with him weekly for mentoring and Bible study.

“The coordinator called me and said, ‘I know it’s been three years since you’ve had your child. We want you to come up to the facility and hug your child.’ I cannot put into words what that was like to be able to see him without a glass wall between us,” she said.

Lisa now serves as an advocate and advisory board member for the YFC Kansas City.

Meet Timeshia.

Timeshia grew up in a foster care environment. She recently earned her certificate in massage therapy and is working hard to provide a stable home for her son, Zander.

“Zander just turned one. I thank God every day for him. I feel accomplished, and I’m not done yet. The certificate was my first steppingstone,” she said.

Meet Martin.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Martin was involved in gangs. After leaving L.A., Martin committed his life to raising his son. Today, he and his wife mentor former gang members and young families through YFC.

“I visit the youth detention facility every day, as well as go to court. I speak with the parents and police officers. My hope is for change for a better life, not just for the youth, but our community,” he said.

And that’s just three stories, three people, whose lives are being changed through YFC because of the hope of Jesus Christ.

All photos by Seth Binford •

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