Ministry to lost kids has not stopped

Ministry to lost kids has not stopped

Youth For Christ San Diego has found a creative way to feed something other than the frenzy of the COVID-19 crisis — one cookie at a time.

For months, churches have been expanding their online worship capabilities and shaking up their normal ministry methods, and YFC leaders are also developing fresh ways to fulfill YFC’s mission to reach young people right where they are.

To overcome the isolation and to spread the gospel creatively across social distance, YFC San Diego staff are baking, cooking, and serving the community while sharing the gospel, through care packages.

Tina Flannery, YFC San Diego’s Executive Director says her team’s latest methods of teaching the Gospel have changed, but the message is the same as it was 2,000 years ago.

“Ministry to the lost kids has not stopped,” Flannery said. “It’s just going to look a little different. So what we’ve typically done, we may not be able to do, but our staff and volunteers are coming up with all kinds of creative ways to minister to kids.”

Staff and volunteers have found that the absence and isolation stemming from the pandemic have caused them to miss the students they routinely ministered to face-to-face. Delivering care packages is just one way to build a bridge into a teenager’s life.

“We’re getting ready to deliver cookies to our YFC San Diego kids,” one leader said. “We miss them so much. Social distancing is really a bummer, but we can’t wait to see them.”

YFC’s innovation entails more than just replacing summer camp and weekly Campus Life meetings with playing cards via Zoom or delivering plates of treats — although those ideas have certainly worked. The heart of Youth For Christ has always been to reach kids with the message of Jesus by building relationships with them where they are. Please pray for our staff as they continue to do this in new and exciting ways!

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