My favorite eighth grade memories

My favorite eighth grade memories

Below is a paper written by a student involved with YFC. The student’s mother sent this writing assignment to his YFC leaders as an encouragement. As one of his final for the 2019-2020 school year, he was asked to write about his favorite eighth grade memories.

My favorite memories from eighth grade are all the times I went to Campus Life. If I was ever down that week, I knew I could look forward to Campus Life and suddenly, my bad week became a good one. Campus Life was always my highlight of the week because I felt at home there, more so than with any other group. I also enjoyed the donuts and Kool Aid at Campus Life…

Some of the fun times we had was when we played Freeze Tag. We played Red Light Green Light, but I had a hurt ankle that day, so I did not have a chance at winning. We also played The Blob...We even played Duck Duck Goose. I do not think everybody in the group knew how to play Duck Duck Goose though.

After we played one or two games, we were taught life lessons. Mr. Tony used excerpts from the Bible as examples. One time we talked about times we ran away from something. It was really fun, and I learned that I should not run away, and I should face what I have done. At the end of Campus Life meetings, we prayed. It was a serious time, but we still made it fun.

Those were the best days of the eighth grade, and I would not change them for anything. I love Campus Life, and I am glad that Campus Life directors are having virtual meetings.

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