Pizza, Bible Study, & the Gift of Jesus

Pizza, Bible Study, & the Gift of Jesus

Fresno/Madera YFC serves both Fresno and Madera County in California, and every day, YFC ministry leaders meet with young people who need Jesus across these two counties.

YFC leader Patient Matadi works closely with 11-19-year-olds need spiritual guidance while living in a group home.

“Our schedule is to visit each group home twice a week. On the first visit, we bring something like pizza, so that we can sit at a table with the kids. We also provide Bibles, so we may study the Bible together. The second visit finds us holding one-on-one talks with the teens,” she said.

Patient stresses how important these one-on-one conversations are: “We need to remember that these kids are not siblings. They’re not friends. They come from different parts of the city or the county. They are put together in a group home, and they often try to just live in a survival mode. It is important for us to get to know them – to learn their personal story.”

Patient shared a story about a moment when he realized how much the Fresno/Madera YFC group home visits were truly resonating with the teens.

“Once during a visit, while we were conducting a Bible study, the phone rang, and it was the parent of one of the boys. He got on the phone, and surprised me when he said, ‘Mom, can I call you back? I’m in church with Patient right now.’ That was an eye opener for me – it changed my view. I realized in that moment that for these kids, we are their church. We are coming to their home and bringing them the gospel.”

Just two weeks after that visit, that same boy left the group home, and called Patient to let him know he was getting baptized!

Patient’s ministry team includes fourteen ministry leaders, most of whom are volunteer leaders, who split their time visiting 27 group homes in the area.  

“We get to know the kids better with each visit and show them our love by being present in their lives every week, and by bringing them the gift of Jesus,” Patient said.

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