Pumpkin Carving Conversations

Pumpkin Carving Conversations

Jennifer Tebedo is the Campus Life Director at YFC Bluewater Thumb. Like many of our YFC leaders, Jennifer faced many obstacles in her YFC ministry in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Visiting the kids at their schools, hosting youth group or special events, or even attending school sporting events [came] to a complete stop,” she said. “COVID-19 has definitely changed the way we connect with the teens.”

With the guidance of Jesus, Jennifer’s dedication to her YFC ministry wasn’t halted though.

“The YFC team brainstorms on a daily basis to discover new ways to creatively connect with the teens in our ministry.”

Jennifer found a way to safely gather with the kids in her ministry by hosting small group events, preferably outdoors. For example, last fall, she hosted a pumpkin carving event for twelve kids and one who joined in on FaceTime.

“I spent a lot of time observing the kids while they carved their pumpkins,” Jennifer said. “They created many diverse designs: flowers, scary scenes, and funny faces. I used those diverse themes as a way to engage the teens in conversation about their feelings during this unprecedented time.”

“Every hand shot up in the air to respond to my question. They all wanted to talk about their feelings of depression and anxiety as they prepared for the many transitions they’d be experiencing in the coming weeks at school. They wanted to share their struggles. Being able to participate in a small group event after weeks of isolation gave them all hope.”

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