Showing up

Showing up

This story was adapted from a Greater Miami YFC blog post.

It was the last day of our City Life summer programming, and three kids showed up.

These high school students had been hitting the neighborhood for four weeks now, pouring hours into planning and prepping to safely work with youth during COVID-19. There was also a potential COVID-19 exposure, and so programming was closed for two days while we waited for (and received) a negative test result. Some parents opted to keep their kids at home for the final week. It made sense, but it was still a disappointment.

The team threw all their might and vigor into the program regardless. They sang songs and played games like 40 kids had showed up. They greeted every student with an excited hello and a complimentary mask. They were ready to serve anyone and everyone with excellence.

Each kid was assigned a leader to escort them through different stations. At one of the stations, a leader sat with each kid and asked them spiritual questions one on one.

We all love a big success story, a big gathering, a big anything – the bigger, the better, right? But in this case, small was good. By the end of the two-hour program, these leaders left knowing each of these three kids understood the gospel of Jesus.

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