The Hope of God With Us

The Hope of God With Us

“If God is good, then why did he let my friend die?” - Juvenile Justice Ministry Youth

“Why has God given me a dad that doesn’t even like me?”- Campus Life Youth

“If God loves me, then why do I feel so alone?” - Deaf Teen Quest Youth

“God, if you’re real, then why did you let my mom get deployed again?” - Campus Life Military Youth

Hard questions. Questions we’re not always sure how to answer. But to be honest, we’re convinced that our young people are actually less concerned with the right “Christian” answers and are much more concerned with how Jesus enters into their pain.

After all - isn't this what Christmas is all about?

"A virgin will have a baby boy, and he will be called Immanuel," which means "God is with us." Matt 1:23

God with us.

You know what we hear when a hurting young person is asking the hard questions: “Is God with me?”

Young people who are marginalized. Young people on the fringes. Young people who would never walk into a church on their own.

The ONLY way we get to answer “YES!” to this question is through showing up as stable, consistent Christ-sharing adults who enter into the pain of our young people in crisis.

At Youth For Christ, we get to show teenagers that Immanuel isn’t some disembodied spirit sitting idly up in heaven somewhere. He is with them in their jail cells, school hallways, teen centers, neighborhoods, and homes. He is with them when they feel most isolated and alone and hopeless.

He is with them.

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