YFC Houston celebrates workers in the Juvenile Justice System

YFC Houston celebrates workers in the Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile justice facilities detain tens of thousands of minors in America on any given day, and COVID-19 restrictions are preventing community volunteers from venturing inside. But here at Youth For Christ USA, our Juvenile Justice Ministry leaders are still finding ways to partner with local government and businesses to encourage the staff as well as the incarcerated kids they are trying to reach.

Jonathan Frost, our Executive Director at Youth For Christ Houston, recognized early on that the COVID-19 restrictions would probably leave the staff at probation facilities feeling isolated without the usual support from community-based organizations like YFC. He said over the past several months community members have drawn together to encourage those who serve these youth daily. 

“This has been a story about local government, local businesses and local nonprofits coming together to support those who are taking care of local kids,” Frost said. “We want to provide food to lift their spirits, encourage them and let them know that we are thinking of them even though we can’t be in the facility alongside them.”

Understanding the power of community partnerships, YFC Houston worked with local Chick-fil-A restaurants to take lunch to the staff and kids at the Galveston County Juvenile facility back in April and more recently partnered with Honore’s Cajun Café to do the same for the 330 staff members at the Harris County Juvenile Justice Center on two days during the month of August.

“Doing this supports and recognizes the hard work of the staff of the Juvenile Justice Center at all times, but especially during the trying time the COVID-19 pandemic has created,” Frost said.

“These essential employees impact the lives of the majority of youth who are involved with Harris County’s juvenile justice system,” he continued. “The COVID-19 time period has meant that none of the volunteer resources the staff have as support in the facilities have been allowed inside since March 13th so staff and kids have been much more isolated than normal.”

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